Take Action


The above Climate Change Actions sticker is free for you to copy and post, print, make a sticker, etc.

It is a just a few bullet points to get people started.

Next step...find a local climate change organization and join their ranks. Show up at meetings and events. Be counted. Make your actions count!

  • If you live in the NY metro area, here is what we have going on right now:

Sunday January 31, 2:00 -   Bridge Over Troubled Oil Rally   in Bogota, NJ

                                           Sponsored by 350.org/nj


  • Regardless of where you live, please donate to the Let Go and Love Tour kickstarter campaign. Josh Fox, the award-winning documentary filmmaker responsible for the film Gasland and the grassroots movement in NY state which resulted in the banning of fracking there, is aiming to do a similar campaign - this time on a national level. It aims to screen FOR FREE his newest documentary, which is premiering right now at the Sundance Film Festival, at 100 US cities that are on the front lines of fossil fuel activism. His new film is called How To Let Go of the World And Love All the Things Climate Can't Change


          His Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and inspiring explanation can be found here:




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