The Climate Change Monster Has Risen

Posted on 27 January 2016

Abrupt Climate Change is the monster

that we have unleashed.

Gestating in warming air temperatures,

acidifying oceans, and melting ice sheets.

This monster has emerged even now

in ways we cannot yet see.

Because climate change is not a gradual process,

but one that is fraught with sudden increase.

Then one day, it's hard to keep up

when our environment does an about-face,

We don't know whether to grow or shed our own fleece,

Like the Snowshoe Hare, who cannot adapt in time,

Like the crash of the Antarctic Krill population,

the many dead Murres, the recent dying whales

along an Indian beach,

We, earth's creatures, cannot keep pace.

We cannot adapt, mitigate, outrun, or otherwise escape

This monster that has finally emerged and is our fate. 

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