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Posted on 31 August 2015

Climate change is in the news increasingly of late, in part because 2015 is the year where hopes are high that world leaders will reach a new level of commitment on climate change action. More countries than ever before will meet at the UN in New York City this September and again in Paris in November/December to forge an accord . But will those agreements result in significant global action to reduce our collective contribution to climate change? Past agreements have been flawed.

We believe that it is time for everyday people to get involved, and we think we know how. We need to let our governments and corporations know that people are paying attention, and that we expect meaningful commitments on climate change. We can't all march in New York, like the People's Climate March last year, which, with a turn out of over 400,00 people, was the largest action on climate in history. But we certainly can do our own everyday form of marching in support of climate change action - everyday we go out into the world, we walk around, we get seen. Let us make ourselves walking billboards for a cause that matters for the future of all the world, right now. Let's influence the decisions makers as they meet in New York on September 25-27th, 2015. Let's influence them even more as they meet in Paris this winter.

Let's make our everyday marches effective by bringing some art to the debate, as art has a power over us all that we would be wise not to underestimate. Let's not just get people thinking...let's get them feeling. By bringing some heart to the conversation about climate change, we remind our leaders that this is a global effort to save what we love, namely our planet, our immediate future, and the future generations of all living things.

So we propose that we all begin to wear our hearts on our sleeves...in other words, let's wear our activist art on our shirts. So now, instead of a head-centered debate about what to do about climate change, we will all be a part of a heart-centered action that gets people to pay attention: What are world leaders doing about climate change on our behalf? If we don't care, then who will?

Our mission is to empower the people with earth activist t-shirts that allow us all to wear our hearts on our sleeves, raise awareness of the real issues that surround climate change, and help to create a broad grassroots uprising that demands honest action from our governments and puts real pressure on corporations to put the earth and all its inhabitants ahead of profit and the bottom line. WE are the bottom line, the earth is the bottom line, and it is time that we all step up to the plate and go to bat for our planet, ourselves, and future generations of all living things.

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